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About Mosa

Singer • Songwriter • Poet • Musician • Artist • Gardener • Builder • Country woman • Crochet Artist • Seamstress • Gemstone Beader • Drummer • Dancer • Bell Ringer • Song Singer • Seeker of Wisdom, Inspiration, Peace • Lover of horses, music, women, organic food, small tiny things, nature, crisp apples, country living, wood heat, sacred geometry, quantum physics, herbal medicine, fabric, fairies, frequency, family

Known in the world for many years as Mimi Baczewska, Mosa re-invented herself after surviving "the pause that refreshes." Now in refresh mode, she has taken the name Mosa which reflects the meaning "active knowing."

Mosa 2014  

Hello friends—new, long time and yet to be,

Thank you for stopping by, shopping or just browsing my website.

Enjoy your life, drink water and visit again soon.

See you around the universe!


Mosa look 2014  
Mosa look 2014